Please be respectful of intellectual property and try to use copyright-friendly images whenever possible. Encourage students to do the same. Students should provide citations when necessary. These links from the 7Bridges Library website may be helpful:

  • Image Searching - links to image sites or search engines which find materials either in the public domain or available under Fair Use guidelines.
  • Clip Art - links to a variety of clip art sites, most of which are designed for teacher and student use.
  • Primary Sources - links to many excellent sites for primary source images and documents.

One Stop Shopping! This database has videos, video clips, images, clip art, sound effects and more. Most can be downloaded for student or teacher use. Both Bell and 7B have expensive subscriptions to it -- let's make use of them!


Discovery Education


  • Create a folder on desktop to store media for each specific project (images, videos, etc.).
  • Create a Word document to store citation information - save the document to the desktop folder. Discovery Education citations can be copied and pasted (perhaps with a small inserted image to help identify them).
  • If video clips are saved to the H drive, they should be deleted after insertion into the online project (to save network space).