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Watch below to see a basic description of a Voicethread plus some examples of how they can be used:

Ed.Voicethread - educator accounts.
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Federal Holidays Project - Modified in 2007 to include the use of Voicethread (see below).
"This project is designed for upper elementary school students studying the meaning of American culture, United States symbols and core values of the American democratic system."

Letters from The Internment Camps - 4th grade project.

Our Families Project - 1st grade Social Studies Community Unit

Voicethread for Education Wiki
- "a comprehensive collection of Voicethread examples from students and teachers of all ages and groups."


The Voicethread Digital Library -- a database of articles about successful VoiceThread projects, organized by subject area (ELA, Math, SS, Science, etc.). Each article includes a description of the project, basic info and the actual Voicethread.

Ned's Keeper - very helpful list of ways to use Voicethread in the classroom.

Voicethread for Education -- ideas for classroom use and comments by multiple educators

Best Practices info - helpful tips for teachers getting started with Voicethread


Print manuals:

Video tutorials:


How Educators (with paid subscription) can create classes and groups:


  • Voicethread -- from the DigitallySpeaking wiki. Wonderful resource - includes basic information, many examples and excellent handouts (see below).
  • Voicethread 4 Education wiki - another excellent resource (mostly examples).

Voicethread Handouts
  1. Voicethread Overview
  2. Voicethread Do's and Don'ts
  3. Tips for Teachers
  4. Copying an Existing Voicethread
  5. Previewing a Voicethread
  6. Commenting on a Voicethread
  7. Commenting Language


View and comment on any of the the Voicethread slides I created below. You can access them through either the link or the embedded version. Add your own thoughts and read what your classmates have to say. Try both typing and recording your responses. Have fun -- it's just for practice!!

Practice Voicethread

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